Club Kilsyth are not only one of our supporters but the staff and management have gone over and beyond of what we could have ever imagined in terms of their flexibility, positivity and engagement with us, Different Journeys, and all of our families every month, at both dinners.

We are constantly in contact with Club Kilsyth to ensure we are providing a supportive environment for our events.

Families are now accessing Club Kilsyth outside of our events regularly, as their teen/s or young adult/s with ASD are comfortable and confident is visiting this venue for an outing.

If you are a member of Club Kilsyth and live within 5kms you may also have access to their Members Bus 7 days a week – contact the Club for more details.

We now have an additional two venues we are running events from. One in the northern suburbs in Melbourne at Greensborough RSL and also now one in NSW Sydney at Club Rivers. Our events have just started at the two new venues from July and August and again we are so grateful for all the additional time and effort both venues put in place to help make their environments / venues inclusive for our autism communities.


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