Different Journeys

Our mission is to empower young people with ASD by providing them with a social platform that fosters an environment for them to create positive connections, feeling of inclusion, and linking families with services and support!

Stephen Shore coined the phrase, “If you’ve met one person with Autism, you’ve met one person with Autism”.  Different Journeys is reflective of this because each and everyone’s journey with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is different. No two journeys are the same because no one individual is the same.

Our logos were created by a parent of a child with ASD. They can be interpreted in many ways either as talking marks, people socialising, or representative of male and female genders. 

Different Journeys specialises in helping teens and adults living with ASD, and their families, to come together and socialise in a safe and supportive environment with the aim to share the journey, celebrate, connect, and create positive communities.

Empower. Mentor. Inclusion.

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ASD Teens
ASD Teens

We meet at Club Kilsyth in the Canterbury Room, which is a private function room on the third Sunday of the month. This means only teens, their families and the Club Kilsyth staff will be accessing this room, no one else.

The tables are arranged so the teens can sit with each other and the parents/carers sit on other tables. If you want to sit with your parent or carer that is ok, too.

When you arrive, the teens order their meal at the bar with the support of Kellie, an occupational therapist, through this process.

Bring your device (iPad, iPhone etc) as there is free wifi to access. We also provide board games and card games that you can play, as well as a variety of colouring in books.

We run a Kahoot quiz after dinner, which is an online quiz game. You will need to use your device to play the quiz, and the adults are welcome to join in too!

The results so far have been extraordinary from our dinners and there have been many positive stories from families that have attended. We open RSVPs via an online survey each month in the week before the Sunday event, so hopefully we see you next month!

Email us to join our mailing list for the reminders, or follow us on Facebook.

ASD 18+
ASD 18+

We have now started an 18+ dinner for young adults with ASD which are becoming very popular, on the second Tuesday of each month.

The aim of these dinners is to enable young adults to integrate within the community, form friendships, potentially link in with other support available within the community and empower and educate them to know that they are very worthy participants in our community.

The current statistics in regards to individuals living with ASD are very alarming with employment, suicide, mental illness and inability to leave the house. Whilst we are aware we cannot fix all this, we aim to try and make slight improvements and this is the aim of Different Journeys holding these monthly dinners.

We run the 18+ ASD dinners in the Canterbury Room, at Club Kilsyth which is a private function room. Parents/carers are welcome to stay and have a meal themselves connecting with other families in the bar area of the venue, which is facilitated by a parent with children with ASD.

Bring along your device (iPad, iPhone etc) as there is free wifi to access and we run a Kahoot quiz after dinner. We also provide board games and card games that you can play.

To RSVP each month just send us an email at differentjourneys@gmail.com
Hopefully, we see you next month!


Club Kilsyth are not only one of our supporters but the staff and management have gone over and beyond of what we could have ever imagined in terms of their flexibility, positivity and engagement with us, Different Journeys, and all of our families every month, at both dinners.

We are constantly in contact with Club Kilsyth to ensure we are providing a supportive environment for our events.

Families are now accessing Club Kilsyth outside of our events regularly, as their teen/s or young adult/s with ASD are comfortable and confident is visiting this venue for an outing.

If you are a member of Club Kilsyth and live within 5kms you may also have access to their Members Bus 7 days a week – contact the Club for more details.


Forums & Information Sessions

We ran an information session focusing on ASD and Adolescence Puberty in June and it was a big success.

“I would just like to say thankyou to Different Journeys and Life Assist for the ASD and Adolescence event. I really enjoyed the evening and found it really interesting and informative. It was great to hear and speak about issues that most find difficult to discuss. I look forward to more information sessions regarding our ASD children.” – Parent Feedback

“I had forgotten the value of listening to others journeys and how through that process valuable connections are made. I welcomed the honesty and openness of the parents that shared their concerns and their triumphs. I can forget to be openly compassionate to myself and others as I focus on getting through the to do list that each day brings-it reminded me to remember. I hope the opportunity for further events such as this will be available in the future.” – Parent Feedback

Families have asked if we are going to continue to provide more forums and sessions, and the answer is YES!

Stay tuned for more information sessions to come. All sessions will be ASD specific.



“I have two boys on the spectrum and it’s great to see them both so comfortable and happy amongst their peers and they both look forward to the following months catch up. It’s not often we get to go out as a family so these nights benefit us parents as well as the kids,” – Alex Edwards

“Everyone needs to find their tribe, other people who speak the same language and just ‘get’ each other. For young people living with ASD attending the Different Journey’s Dinner offers the opportunity to meet other members of their tribe,” – Tracy-Ann Pettigrew


“The group can also be an advocacy group to help the understanding and services for those with ASD,” Tony Attwood – Clinical Psychologist.

“These social outings help teens and young adults develop important life skills which they can transfer to other situations in the community,” Richard Eisenmajer – Clinical Psychologist.


“Club Kilsyth is proud to host the Different Journeys ASD functions, and these dinners also assist our staff to better understand aspects of people living with ASD,” Laura – Club Kilsyth Functions Manager

“Having had the privilege of attending Different Journeys ASD Social Group dinners, I can attest to the genuine opportunity that these events provide for teenagers and adults to connect with like-minded individuals and feel included in the community,” Michael Sukkar – Federal Member for Deakin

Contact Us

0490 774 068
We DO NOT provide emergency assistance.
If you require assistance, please contact:
Kids Helpline – 1800 551 800
Suicide Line – 1300 651 251
Beyond Blue – 1300 224 636
Lifeline Australia – 13 11 14
Police, Fire, Ambulance – 000

We support celebrations, we provide connections, and we create communities.